Casa Un Día Más
Casa Un Día Más

Business Challenge

Develop an attractive and functional vacation rental website that informs visitors of the beautiful vacation destination that is, Casa Un Día Más in San Felipe, Mexico.

Business Solutions Provided by Vos & Howden

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Custom Website Development
  • Internet Business Consulting
  • Web Based Software Development

We developed a software package that includes a new website designed by Vos & Howden, software tools to manage the website developed by Vos and Howden, and a complete online photo management center where guest photos and professional photos alike can be collected, organized, and displayed on the website.

Nothing Short of Amazing

Vos and Howden are nothing short of amazing. I know that sounds trite, but being a computer novice and needing professional help in setting up a website for a new business venture was a bit scary. They patiently answered my questions, gave great suggestions as to what might work and what would not, and valid reasons as to the reasons behind their suggestions. So for those of you like me who are awed and live in a little fear of the power web and computers and need help, don’t be cowed by your lack of knowledge or experience. Just give Vos and Howden a call. They listen to your needs and gently walk you through the process until completion. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Pierre Thoumsin