Business Challenge

Develop a text-based online interactive mafia simulation community from the ground up. Consult with the owners to manage, spec out, and develop in-depth applications that give the players the tools they need to act out their mafia style fantasies along with the tools for the owners to control each feature.

Business Solutions Provided by Vos & Howden

  • Web Based Software Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Internet Business Consulting
  • Customized eCommerce

These Guys Rock

Vos & Howden are not just your top notch programmers, these guys should be writing books about what they do, and giving consulting sessions across the globe to veteran programmers. Their understanding of the business creates an atmosphere that is pleasant to work with, while they help manage and build your project to perfection.

In 10 years I have dealt with independent contractors and large firms throughout the industry. You cannot get any better then Vos & Howden, I wish I had found them years ago!

Chris Chiarmonte - President
Aifam-Life, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY